Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Misc

This girl is loving her food

And this is the reason they made these seats start having a strap
Whoever developed mum mums is one of my best friends 

Kate loves her Nene 
Practicing sitting up!
The moment when you go to check on the babies and realize it's time to pack up the activity mat 

Another day I went to check on them and Andrew was eating Kate's foot!
One morning James started yelling, "we need some help up here. It's an emergency." I ran up and found Kate like this, completely stuck under the crib.  It's official- these babies are on the move! And this post makes it sound like I don't watch them closely. I promise I try!
Code Brown! 
Cutie Pie 
We were trying out the new pool from Nana in our living room and Kate apparently thought she was supposed to lay back and sun bathe 

"Don't even think about messing with my sweet potatoes."
"Gimme that banana avocado combo STAT!"  
Daddy's girl 

Rebecca and Davis met us at the bouncy house play for a quick play date one Saturday 
Getting some fresh air outside. Mommy looks so tired...
Making the most of the double Bob
End of the year pool party with some of the boys in James's class
Play doh time
James wanted to enter the Lego magazine contest. This was his "beach" he created. I was impressed! 
Celebrating Malli's 1st birthday!

Watering the bushes in my parents back yard...
Date night! 

By far the BEST thing that happened this month was that James asked Jesus into his heart!  He had been asking questions for several months that made me think he was close to making this decision but I wanted to make sure he really understood. We had the most special conversation, he and I about what it means to follow Jesus, what we have to look forward to in heaven, and how to share Jesus with others. Afterwards we called Ryan to share the good news with him.  We wanted to do something to celebrate this so Ryan picked him out a new bible and we had a special family celebration the next day.  Of all the things my kids do that make me proud nothing comes close to the happiness I felt this day! 

For dessert he chose yogurt parfait. I love this kid! 

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