Monday, May 16, 2016

8 Months Old

8 Months Old- 5 Months Adjusted

I write this every month but time is truly flying by!!! Ryan and I were talking about how when the babies were in the hospital time went so slow. Every day felt like forever.  Then they came home, we blinked, and it's almost summer. Craziness!

No doctor appointment this month which feels so weird after being there SO much in the past so we don't have official weights or heights.   Andrew is in 9-12 month clothing and Kate is in 6 months, both in size 3 diapers and we are about to go to a size four at night. 

Exciting things have been happening this past month with Andrew and Kate.  They have started solids, we have stopped nursing, and they are starting to sit independently!  They also notice each other so much and it is very funny to see. One day they both just started smiling and laughing at each other.  I have to be careful putting them too close together because they grab and claw each other and Andrew yanked Kate's bow out and she was not thrilled about it. On days that it's hard having twins (which is basically every day) I try to remind myself how unique and special it is to have two babies at the same time and how very few people get to see the twin bond that occurs. It is definitely something special. 

Kate you are our wiggle worm.  You love to roll over and over. None of our other kids have been that way.  The other day I heard James say "We need some help up here!" You had rolled under the crib and kept bumping your head trying to lift it up under the bed! You have officially become a stomach sleeper and you love to suck your thumb.  Sitting up is a little bit harder for you than for Andrew but you are getting better.  You have loved solid foods, you kick and get so excited when you see the spoon coming and you are very unhappy if you have to wait for a bite.  You get VERY mad when Andrew gets food and you have to wait your turn. One of your favorite toys is the jumperoo and we laugh watching you because you have rhythm jumping to the music.  Your hair is finally starting to grow and I can now clip a bow in!  

Andrew you are getting to be such a big boy! You love to sit up and can do it for a long time before eventually toppling over.  I have caught you sleeping on your stomach once but rolling from back to front is still a struggle for you.  You are not quite as enthusiastic about eating solid foods as your sister but you are getting the hang of it and you definitely make some funny faces while eating.  You prefer the exersaucer and you love to grab and hit toys.  You like to give us a fit when we lay you down for bed at night but you also love to give us lots of big smiles throughout the day! 

Sleep wise things are hit or miss.  Most nights they still get up once to eat.  Waking each other up has become MUCH more of a problem, they are much more aware of each other now.  Every now and then a miracle happens and they both sleep through the night on the same night. All the books consider sleeping through the night a five hour stretch- I consider sleeping through the night when I put them down and don't hear from them until at least 6 am the next day. :)   Most nights both babies go down by 7, wake up and eat once, and then sleep till around 7.  Much better than my other two kiddos so I can't complain!  They normally take a morning nap and afternoon nap for anywhere from 45 mins to a couple of hours and then a brief cat nap in the late afternoon.  One thing I am very thankful for is that most of the time they go down without a fuss (with the exception of Andrew at nighttime lately- not sure what's going on there)  The routine is sleep sack, sound machine, and then dumped in the bed. I literally do it sometimes while talking on the phone, talking to the boys, etc.  I have never had kids that fell asleep on their own so easily and I am so thankful!!! 

Things started to go a little crazy during this picture session 
Kate decided to eat Andrew's head  

He looks so long here!
We substituted cupcakes for pound cake this month  
A good friend gave them these outfits when I was in the hospital and I remember thinking they would never fit into them. I can't believe they fit now!
One of those days in the car 
Every now and then this happens: blissful silence. Combine that with the boys headphones and I can drive in complete peace- amazing! 
First time swinging!
Checking out Star Wars 
Her daddy is responsible for both this picture and the headband placement 
A friend sold her Bob and I jumped on it. I have a little obsession with strollers...
First time trying solids- it was not a success. We waited a few more weeks after this
Kate's turn! This is a good example of trying to balance real age with adjusted age. Obviously most babies are eating before 8 months but they (being more like 5 months) were truly not ready until then.  
We officially are on the move! 
Sometimes the crib just doesn't cut it

I'm biased but I just thought she looked so cute in this picture 
My belly sleeper 
Kate is on the move as well!

Kate does these crazy back arches 
Happy girl! She looks like aunt Jemimah to me- where's the pancakes?!
Starting to sit up 

I had mixed feelings about when to stop nursing. The combination of an awful case of strep throat and going out of town with Ryan for five days pretty much made the decision for me.  One huge positive is that they can hold their bottles now. It has been life changing!!!
My mom took this picture while I was out of town 

"What you looking at?" 

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