Saturday, April 16, 2016

Everything is Awesome!

So unless you have a kid that likes The Lego Movie you probably don't have any idea why this post is titled "Everything is Awesome."  However if you do then you probably started singing the song right away, haha! Anyone who knows James knows he LOVES legos and has been begging to go to Legoland for a long time.  This past fall, sometime during our family crisis when I was feel intense mom guilt over the months of craziness we put James and Harrison through I made a promise that I would take the boys when the babies were healthy enough to be left.  James Holland is one of those kids who once you say something he will never let you forget it!  All kidding aside it did give us something to look forward to during that time and I really do think James and Harrison deserved some special time with mom after everything they went through- it had been a tough year and they handled it so well.  So... off to Florida we went!  

5 a.m. at the airport
Harrison was pumped about the flights
It took so long to get our car rental that I looked down and saw this
After flying into Tampa we had an hour drive to Legoland 
Where better to stay than the Legoland hotel???
Hotel lobby 
Finally made it into the park! We had our bathing suits on but then decided to bypass the water park section 

H did cool off a little 
Is she a fun grandma or what? 

First of several ice cream breaks during the trip 

Can you believe that's all Legos? 
James's latest obsession has been Lego Ninjago so he was pumped to see this 
Mini land!

Our hotel room was so fun!
Kid area 
They were excited about having their own T.V. They also had a treasure hunt waiting for them when they got there. 
I got this picture from Ryan that day. I was super sad to leave the babies (not to mention traveling while you are nursing is not the easiest thing logistically) but thankfully Ryan, Nana, and Granny Baker took great care of them for me. I knew they were in great hands! 
Characters were always walking around the lobby 
Hotel lobby 
Surprisingly Harrison loved building on this trip. He hadn't been really into it before

The elevator had disco lights and music 
Day 2! 
We found the Star Wars section!

Harrison was very concerned while driving his car 
They were SO excited about making a souvenir penny. It's the little things in life. 

3-D movie 
Lunch at the pizza place

We got to meet Emmett 

That night the boys got to do a master builder class 

This guys job is making all of the creations at Legoland, some of which take 6 months! 
Movie room at the hotel 
Lego paradise!
To finish out the trip they had a pajama party in the hotel lobby that night 
Just one of Harrison's many dance moves. People were cracking up watching him! 
I had pretty low expectations of Legoland and I admit it actually was awesome! So much fun with my big boys and my mom!

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