Saturday, April 30, 2016

Air Show

We always loved going to the air show in Louisiana so I was excited to get to take the boys here. Ryan stayed behind with the babies and the big boys and I had a great morning together. 

I could not believe it when H climbed up this thing, it was huge. I thought for sure he would be scared. Well sure enough a few minutes later here him came sliding down in the lap of a kind marine after he got stuck up at the top and refused to come down. 
This was much more his thing 

Budweiser horses!
This is the life flight helicopter that is based in New Bern.  Had it not been already being used by someone I would have been sent on it the day the babies were born. I have to admit I was thankful to be put on the ambulance instead- I hate flying. It was really interesting to talk to the people about all it can do. 
Later that night after the air show I decided to let H stay up late and go to the grocery store with me. He was SO excited and insisted on wearing his rain boots. 

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