Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Misc

I would rank the dust buster as one of H's favorite things right now
Waiting for the dentist. James did great! (this was not the case in the past) Harrison- not a fan
My mom and mother in law bought these shirts for all the grand kids. Love each of these kiddos so much!
Finally meeting cousin Davis!

A sight I never thought I would see- my dad driving a mini van!!!

Planting with Nana
The babies are starting to be on the move- Andrew made it all the way off his mat!
Trip to Raleigh to see friends!
We stayed up WAY too late as evidenced by this picture. 

Only a grandma gives you this much ice cream!

Another church performance

One of my favorite pictures!

Happy St Patrick's Day!

We have our first thumb sucker!
For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to dye Easter eggs...

Harrison has really been enjoying his balance bike lately 

Working on his golf swing 
The "no pants" look is popular in the family 

Bath time victory- 4 kids at once!
Cheers! We survived another day and all four are in bed by 7:30 :)
Outing to the aquarium

This is how I found Harrison after nap time...maybe we should have left him in the crib
We survived the grocery store! 

Over spring break I was so excited that my college room mate came to visit. She has twin girls- what are the odds?!

Such a fun visit!
Oh H, you keep us entertained

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  1. Such cute pictures of life at this stage. If only I could have some of that wine!