Thursday, March 31, 2016

Andrew and Kate's Dedication

Ryan and I were so excited to have our families come together for the babies' dedication.  Each of our children's dedication days have been so meaningful and special to us and this day was no exception.  That morning I woke up and took a couple of minutes before the craziness of the day began to reflect on all that had happened with the babies over the past six months, the many prayers that people have prayed over them, and how much God has already done in their short lives.  They are truly miracles, and I can't wait to see all He has in store for them!  

My sweet friend Sara captured so many memories of the day for us through her beautiful photography!

As cheesy as it sounds that morning as I was dressing Kate I had a vision of one day helping her get ready for her wedding- I love that sweet girl. She has added an element of tenderness to our family, and we are thankful for her. 
The boys started things off with a beautiful rendition of "Jesus Loves Me". 
They are both awesome big brothers!

Granny Baker with her arms full of great grandchildren!

Each of these ladies along with Shannon and Ashley chose bible verses to be read at the dedication.  After over ten years of doing bible study/prayer/life together we have been through a lot and they prayed me through every bit of this pregnancy and the months after! 

Joe- first our youth pastor, then our friend. He has now done our wedding and dedicated all four of our children!
The whole crew!

Granny Baker made each baby a special quilt. She has done this for all the grandchildren and great grandchildren 

My sweet baby boy! 
After the dedication we left the big boys and cousins at the house with a sitter and went out to lunch with the babies. I felt like since it was there special day they should get to come!

"Give your sister a kiss" 

There is just something special about holding two babies at the same time

So thankful for these babies! 

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