Monday, February 29, 2016

Feb Misc

Another month down! The days are flying by!!!

James's school had a super hero unit 
Our attempt at a walk around the block 
Babies started off like this
Before long Andrew started wailing so into the moby
Group selfie! I think we made it to the end of the road and back and that was all I could handle, lol
This was our rainy day activity. Harrison loved it!

Ryan and the boys made a tent and had a sleepover 

Just another tummy time session

James singing at church 
The babies expressions looking at James and Harrison in the background while taking this picture make me laugh
Love Harrison's choice of pajamas
Sibling selfie!
This was my kitchen at 8 a.m. on a Monday morning "snow day". ..
I feel tired just looking at it!

Bed head

James was so excited about the Ash Wednesday service 

Snow day activities! 
Harrison's version of art
Despite multiple days out of school we had NO snow all winter 

This made me laugh so hard. James was at basketball and Harrison wanted to hold both babies. He was SO excited that James was gone so he could hold both. 
Early Valentine's date with Ryan and my big boys

So happy Sara came for the day!
First season of basketball 

Chick fil a play date 

Ryan flew to Dallas for three nights to take his oral boards and felt the need to bring out his boots. When in Texas...

James wanted to take a picture early one morning and I was sooooo tired.  

The boys begged to sleep in the same bed so finally I said sure 

By the middle of the night- haha!

Harrison's class learning about crossing guards and road safety 

I was so impressed that he painted in the lines!
Cool outfit buddy!

We finally allowed H to take the rail of his crib

So excited to be out of the crib (sorta)
My mom turned 65 this month and I love this picture of her and the kids! 

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