Sunday, January 31, 2016

Weekend Visit to Greenville

I made a quick visit to Greenville at the end of January.  Coming with all the kids and all their stuff is no easy task, especially without Ryan but we did it! 

Poor babies. We had been at my moms for about 15 minutes before I realized they were just left alone in the foyer. 
So good to visit with Jorja
And we got to spend time with our cousin!

My mom and dad took the boys to the basketball game. Shortly after it started I got this picture. 
James LOVES basketball

Meeting sweet Clara. Meredith and I were due at almost the exact same time. 
So special to have kids close in age.  We have pictures of Meredith and I when we were only a couple of weeks old. Lifelong friends!
The grandmas have similar taste in clothes- both had bought these dresses! 
Apparently they also had similar taste back when we were young! 

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