Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Rest of Christmas Break

We tried to make the most of the rest of our Christmas break. 

We met Rebecca and Davis at Great Harvest. I'm not sure we can ever go there again after this breakfast...

Uncle David got James this awesome basketball shoes which he immediately had to try out when we got home
I managed to take all four kids to the park by myself. The weather was so beautiful that we had to get out of the house. 
My attempt at keeping both babies happy...
Oh Harrison. Does the child ever wear clothes for an entire day? 
Amy and Eve came for a visit!
So thankful for all those babysitter hours Ryan and I did years ago with the 4 Ellis kiddos- good training for the future.:) 
Sweet boy
Playing games with Nene 
Harrison- "Mom, I'm going to take this drill and fix that light bulb" 

Starting to get glimpses of smiles 

Morning at the aquarium

We stopped at El's for lunch and it POURED rain.  We ended up doing an indoor picnic in the mini van. Another way that car has come in useful!
The weather was so warm we put on some summer clothes for a little photo session 
Andrew wasn't so sure about it

Last day of 2015!
The life of the princess

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