Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Parades, Santa, and Cookies!

Our town does a parade that goes right through our neighborhood and the boys were thrilled to be invited to ride on the junior firefighters' float this year.  

Our wonderful babysitter was willing to go along for the ride to make sure H didn't jump off 

We stuck both babies in one stroller bassinet. That way they would be cozy and we wouldn't attract so many people. I know that sounds awful but I have no desire for strangers to be touching and breathing on my babies, especially considering Andrew had been home for less than a week.

We love Ms. Angela!
I was really sad about not having pictures with Santa this year with all the kids. One thing I have learned is that having babies who were very premature is just not the same as having full term babies. Our NICU doctor was clear that places like the mall definitely needed to be avoided and we have known if the babies got sick this winter there was a high chance of them being hospitalized again. Needless to say we have been keeping them in a bubble! Thankfully Santa graciously decided to come to our house to say hello to the boys and to take pictures.  We were upstairs when suddenly we heard jingle bells!  We raced downstairs to see who was here. :) 

Harrison was a little nervous but then he realized Santa had candy canes in his bag. Then they became best friends. 
We had a two week break from preschool and we decided to start it off by making Christmas cookies. We invited some friends in to join the chaos, I mean fun! 

I had the foresight to get Jami to come help out.  Josie and I have six kids five and under (five of which are boys)- we were a little outmatched! 

Josie had the job of creating colored icing

They were delicious! 

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