Monday, December 28, 2015

First Christmas As a Family of 6!

This was such a special Christmas for our family!  At this point Andrew had been home for a month and we were finally into somewhat of a groove and a new normal as a family of six.  This was also our year to spend Christmas Eve at our own home together and our first time to wake up at our new house on Christmas morning.

On Christmas Eve I took the big boys to church.  The service was wonderful- James's favorite part was that they had glow sticks for when we sang Silent Night and Harrison was obsessed with watching the band play. I was a little nervous if they would be able to handle sitting through a whole service but they did great. My favorite part was during communion when James said, "No thanks. I take my juice in a cup." We had some good family time together after and soon it was time for bed so I tried to get a picture of the boys in their Christmas pjs. 

At the very last minute my parents decided to come on and spend the night. I think they knew we were going to need some help! The boys were so excited to see them. 
Santa has come!  Look at all those stockings!
Even on Christmas the rule is no one out of their room before 6:30. Well at 6:31 this kid was ready to go!  Me on the other hand after being up all night with the babies...not so much lol. 

Checking out their stuff
Harrison was excited about his new guitar 
And his finger cymbals, lol

Trying out the new scooter 
Harrison wanted to do his too of course 
Then it was time to open presents from each other!  I'll be honest it was pretty chaotic.  Trying to juggle nursing babies, opening gifts,  taking pictures, etc.  Whew! I felt like I was running a mile a minute. Christmas has really changed from the past, lol. 
Each boy got a new game.  I chose Connect 4 for James because we played it together in the Ronald McDonald room at the hospital while the babies were there.  It was a special memory for me during that time. He loves it!
James had made his grandparents Christmas cards 
Helping Andrew open his gift 
James giving Harrison his present from him. James wrapped up various Lego people from his stash from everyone and put them under the tree. It was so sweet and funny. 
Thanks James!
This day was also significant because it was Andrew's LAST day on the heart monitor! The doctor told us we could take him off it after Christmas and watch him for another week and then be done with it. What a wonderful Christmas gift! 
Pappy has his hands full!
My gift from Harrison 

Soon after we opened presents Nana and Pop arrived. The boys were so excited to show them their gifts. 
We also loved having both sets of grandparents there to eat breakfast with us

I didn't manage to put on makeup or dry my hair but at least I got a shower, haha! Maybe by next Christmas I will have it more together...doubtful. 

During breakfast I got a special Christmas present.  While the babies were at Vidant every day I would walk past a wall of "fish" at the children's hospital.  The whole children's area is decorated with an underwater theme and people had made donations in honor or memory of people and these fish represented that. I had mentioned to Ryan that I would really like for our family to one day make a donation in honor of the babies and to give back to a place that was so instrumental in helping our babies be okay.  Little did I know on Christmas morning that Ryan, my parents, and the Hollands had all chipped in to buy a fish for the babies.  I was so overwhelmed!!!  My favorite Christmas present this year by far! It was even more special to me that both sets of our parents participated. They have done so much for us this year! 

A picture of the babies' fish
After breakfast we had a photo shoot 

We also had a singing performance. 

Merry Christmas! 
Before long the grandparents were all packing up to go
The rest of the day was spent just hanging out together.  James and Ryan worked on building a new Lego set. 
That night I fixed dinner and we had birthday cake for Jesus for dessert. Normally we bake one but this year my mom thankfully brought this for us. I think she knew I was a little busy. :) 
What a wonderful day!

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