Thursday, December 31, 2015

Creech Christmas

Christmas at the Creech house was a little chaotic and a lot of fun this year.  Lots of babies and kids running around! It was so crazy that we finally just let the kids open their stuff, fed them chicken fingers, put them all to bed, and then the adults ate our steak dinner in peace and opened the rest of the presents.  It was quickly decided that we will be doing it this way for the next ten years or so. 

Harrison insisted on playing us a tune before we opened presents 
I also insisted that we attempt to get a picture of the cousins 

Poor Andrew 
I love Harrison in this one
The babies spent a good part of the day napping

They also wanted to have a little tummy time under the tree

Harrison wanted a turn in the bouncy seat...
Sweet kisses for Kate
The weather was so warm and beautiful this year

The kids all love their Nene and Pappy!
Thank goodness for the self timer! 

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