Monday, November 30, 2015

Nov Misc

This was a hard month but it ended in a fabulous way!  Here are some of our November memories...

When the babies were born I realized their going home outfits were WAY too big so I bought these sweet preemie ones for them. Kate got to wear hers home but Andrew decided to stay for the extended session in the hospital and before I knew it he was so big I realized his wasn't going to fit by the time he left! So I squeezed his chunky self into it for a couple of pictures. 
Don't make sister mad! She has a mean punch! 

What an expression! 
Hanging out with Nene 
After we realized we were going to be in the hospital for a good while longer we tried to brighten up our corner and added the bouncy seat so he could have a change of scenery  

Snuggling Kate and treasuring these moments. 

He is the humor in our family!  This morning he said his hands were cold and asked to put socks on his fingers while he drank his juice, lol. 
Creation by James- surely Luke Skywalker would have been on the ship with the pilgrims!
Kate's first follow up doctor's appointment 
One of the nurses made her this sweet hat 

Harrison really wanted to come to the hospital so my mom brought him by himself one evening 
When we were leaving he asked the doctor, " Andrew can come home too now?"
My big helper 
Wearing James's coming home outfit 
Multiple times throughout this journey I hit a wall. So thankful for friends who provided prayers, encouragement, texts, phone calls, and support in so many ways.  This day Rebecca took a day off of work to come meet me for lunch and to get me away from the hospital for couple of hours. It recharged me and gave me a much needed boost!
School pictures! 

Often I would try to read my devotionals while rocking a baby in the hospital

Joe and Marianne came one night for dinner. When I made our reservation I told the hostess we had a preemie and they stuck us by ourselves in a corner away from everyone. People have been so good to us! 
Andrew didn't mind sharing his space with Kate. Oftentimes when she got fussy the nurses would come hold her for me so I could have more time with him. Such great caretakers! 

I had to take this picture- that is a heck of a lot of milk. I felt like I was attached to that pump all the time. The sad thing is Mr. Chubs (a.k.a. Andrew) went through all this in about a day!!! 
Kissing sister goodbye for the night 

The boys went to the beach with Nana and Pop and they sent me this picture. Always gives me a little picture into future life when James gets his license and they are off together- yikes! 

This night James asked to come with me to the hospital and I was excited because I got to give Andrew a bath-  his first from me. One of our wonderful nurses involved James a lot that night and he was SO proud to get to help. 

One of the most special things about this was it was the first time I got to hold him or see him with nothing attached- no tubes, wire, needles, nothing. 

I missed a lot with my big boys during this time but tried to make the most of the time we did have. Dinner date at Panera!
The first weekend Andrew was home Ryan was working and I was alone and it was absolute chaos. Babies and big kids crying, Andrew's heart alarm going off, etc. I looked over and this was how the boys were staying entertained. Lol
hanging out in the new crib
"Mom, I'm just checking on her mom."

A friend let us borrow this fabulous stroller and bassinets and best of all Andrew's monitor fit underneath 
ready for a walk!
James and I went to see the Polar Express and got to meet Santa after

Kate had her follow up with the pediatric ophthalmologist. Both babies had a mild case of ROP but thankfully it resolved itself.
Happy Boys!

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  1. You seem to be adjusting beautifully to 4 kids!! And you look fabulous!!!