Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sept Misc

What a month September has been! Bed rest, early labor, twin babies, and a whole lot of more memories together!

Painting with the outdoor paint Harrison and Pop picked out
One of many Lego creations. I'm amazed by his creativity and what he comes up with!
So excited to have Greer, Georgia, and her parents come for a quick visit
Our babysitter took the boys on an outing to feed the ducks
Selfie with Daddy 
28 weeks pregnant
I was definitely measuring full term at this point 

Ryan's OR nurse brought us tons of food for dinner and for our freezer to help us out while on bed rest. Since then we have received a bunch of meals, even from people we have never met.  I'm very thankful for all the people who have been willing to help us out!
I couldn't find the boys one day, turns out they were hiding under this box!
Donut outing with Dad
Looks like James was trying to snag some of those for himself!
29 weeks pregnant. Never would have ever guessed I was going to deliver 4 days later
Not a good picture of me but had to include it- the last picture of me pregnant, ever!  I was already so uncomfortable at this point. I can't imagine how I would have felt by the end if I made it full term. 
Bed rest monopoly with this sweet guy 
Cheering on the pirates 

Pappy came for a visit and to play a little basketball 

Ok, I guess technically this was the last day with pregnant pictures :) 
Every night on bed rest I looked forward to getting to read books. It was one of the only ways I got to participate as a mom to the boys. 
How crazy is this? The day before I had the babies I packed my bags for the hospital, just in case I needed them early. My doctor said I could get up 5-10 minutes per hour so I used all my minutes that day for that one task. Little did I know I would be sending Ryan to get them the very next day! 

These pictures show a glimpse into Harrison's personality.  

When we got back to New Bern after having the babies we decided to take the boys out to eat at James's favorite place, Buffalo Wild Wings.  It had been over 6 weeks since we had gone out together since I had been on bed rest.  When we got there they had these new tablets for kids. Normally I am not into technology at the table but considering all we had been through we went for it and it allowed us to have a nice relaxing dinner. :)  
My mom snapped this picture as she was leaving. I thought it was so sweet the boys were holding hands. 
First ECU game for the boys for the season

Davis and Rod hanging out in the lobby at the hospital 

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