Friday, September 25, 2015

Babies First Photo Shoot

The morning after the babies were born my friend Sara texted me to see if I would want her to come after work to take some pictures. I almost told her no.  The babies were hooked up to so many things you could hardly see them. I knew she had a long drive the next day to go out of town and I felt bad for her driving all the way to Greenville just for me. Well thankfully I said yes and Sara came, took these beautiful pictures, brought presents, and even got me dinner!  I love that she got pictures before they were even 24 hours old. She stayed up super late editing them for me and by the time I woke up the next morning she had sent them for me to see. Ryan climbed up into my hospital bed and we had the most special time looking at them together.  I couldn't help but cry seeing them. I told her they were a perfect mix of beauty and sadness and all the emotions that we were feeling as we met these two precious babies.  Thank you Sara!!!!

This is our unit of the NICU. B-144. The babies are right across from each other.
I decided to put all of Andrew's pictures together. Thankfully Sara labeled them for me so I knew for sure who was who!
Each day the nurses try to update their boards

Now for Kate's pictures

So thankful for her friendship!
She got these through the window of my room

My goodnight kiss from James 

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