Wednesday, September 30, 2015

2 Week Old Photo Shoot

My friend Sara has blessed me with her photography skills for years and has taken lots of pictures of our family.  I have been so thankful for the way she has helped to document this journey we are on.  So much of this time has been a blur so I am incredibly grateful that I will get to look back at these pictures and remember.  On this night Sara came to do a photo session of the babies on their two week birthday.  

Our hallway at the special care nursery 
Kate's room

Harrison made a family tree at school. I teared up when he brought it home- it had all six of our names on it!  I hung it in Kate's room. I wanted the boys to feel as involved as possible.  My mom also printed a picture of us to put in each baby's room to make it feel a little more personal. 

James drew a Star Wars picture for the babies so we hung that in Andrew's room

I warned Sara that we might not even be able to take the babies out of their beds that night. They were both still learning to regulate their own temperature and we never knew when or how long we would get to hold them. I was thankful that their nurse that night let us get them out. 

Their nurse also let us dress them up in their new outfits 

Her little preemie hat was still so big on her little head

Then it was Andrew's turn to get dressed

Our nurse also let us bend the rules and bring Kate over to Andrew's room. We had only had them together one other time before this night. Very special! 

Right before it was time to put Kate back in her bed I begged Ashley (our fabulous nurse) to let us take just one more picture because I really wanted to hold them together which I hadn't been able to do yet.  She agreed.  Once I got them both in my arms I was completely overwhelmed with emotions- to finally get to hold them both, safe in my arms after all they had been through, there is no way to describe what it meant to me.  I immediately started crying.  One of the best moments of my life. 

With Kate back in her bed we then got to spend some time with just Andrew. 

Looking at these pictures I cannot believe how far these two babies have come in just two weeks.  From being on a ventilator  to breathing room air unassisted. From having tons of tubes, wires, and needles to having just a bare minimum.From being too fragile to touch to getting to hold both of them in my arms. Lots and lots of answered prayers! 

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