Sunday, August 30, 2015

Twin Baby Shower

After finding out I was having twins some of my friends graciously offered to host a twin baby shower for me. I had been looking forward to it all pregnancy, a chance to really celebrate these two new babies.  Unfortunately three days before the shower my doctor put me on strict bed rest which meant I could not go to the baby shower. I was SO disappointed!  It seems ridiculous to be upset about it but I had been looking forward to seeing friends and family and just having something fun to do (especially after a week of modified bed rest).  Well my sweet friends whom I love dearly ended up bringing the shower to me and made the whole day super special.  

That morning I had several very special visitors that had traveled to come to the shower that weekend and graciously traveled even more to come to my house to visit me.  My sweet husband also surprised me with two bouquets of flowers (one for each baby he said) and went and got us breakfast. 

Aunt Whitney brought all sorts of presents for her niece and nephew but the best present she brought me was this sweet boy. He had changed so much since I had seen him last! 

So glad to see Tricia! Friends for the past 20+ years and we have now been pregnant twice at the same time. Her little boy or girl is due two weeks after our babies. 
Later that day my bible study girls showed up bringing gifts from people who were planning on coming to the shower, decorations, and some yummy snacks. Best of all they kept me company- being on bed rest is so lonely!

So glad sweet Malli came to see me as well
Love these girls so much and so thankful for their friendship and prayers!!!

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