Tuesday, August 11, 2015

James's 5th Birthday Party

I cannot believe that this sweet boy is about to be 5!!! That just seems SO old. This year he wanted to have a sports birthday theme.  I knew with it being August, hot, and me being pregnant we needed to go with simplicity. Several people recommended the gymnastics place in town and I am so glad we went with it. Super fun and low stress for us! 

He was super excited about this party. We had been doing a count down for days. 
Testing out the balance beam
And the trampoline 
Getting some instructions 
Doing a fun dance 

Harrison thought he was five too. He wanted badly to keep up with the big kids!

Jumping and swinging into the foam pit was a big hit with the kids. 
I joked with Ryan that this was a perfect pen for H. Safe and he couldn't get out. 
They had a big jump house set up 

And all sorts of other fun things 
Even Nene took a turn in the pit!
Happy Birthday James!
It was fun to see him interact with his friends 
While they got the cake and ice cream ready the kids decorated the table
Harrison of course chose orange 

One happy almost five year old
And a pretty happy 2 year old as well!

Love this kid so much!

What a great party!

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  1. Cute family of 4 about to be a family of 6!!!!!!