Saturday, August 22, 2015

James Turns 5!

James has been SO excited about turning five. You forget as an adult how much excitement there is for birthdays when you are a kid! We really wanted to make it a fun and special day for him as well as our family. Ryan took the day off of work and we surprised James with a fun day in Raleigh. 

We woke the birthday boy up and brought him his presents in bed. Ryan said this was one of his favorite memories as a child so we decided to keep the tradition going. The funny thing is when we went in Harrison started crying and saying "It's mines birthday" and James's first words were "I feel awful..." lol. Once everyone had a chance to wake up they were relatively happy.
James received some new books, bases for playing t-ball outside, and a Lego movie t-shirt which is how we told him we were going to the Lego store in Raleigh to pick out a present. 
New birthday books!
Next we made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

Another funny side note. Both kids have begged for chocolate chip pancakes for weeks and then neither even liked them! Oh well, I thought they were delicious!
My mom showed up and we headed to the Lego store! I knew that we were going to need some extra help and I am not very useful at this point so we were excited she could come.
Building at the Duplo table

Harrison REALLY wanted some orange Legos 
"Hey mom! That's my favorite color!"- Harrison
Family selfie at the mall
Next we headed to the Marbles museum. James and I went last summer but it was the first time for everyone else.
Driving the boat with his fish like Pop

Walking the plank

Harrison loved the kitchen area

For lunch we walked to a local Mexican place where they also had homemade ice cream for dessert
After we got home the weather was not too hot so mom and I took the boys to the park. 
Feeding the turtles 
Another selfie attempt

We got home in time for a little car wash and T-ball

After dinner (hot dogs, baked beans, and fruit per the birthday boy's request) Nene gave him his birthday card. It was pretty impressive!

Last but not least we made homemade fudgesicles with our new Popsicle maker.  Needless to say this was not our healthiest eating day.

Time for this birthday boy to go to bed. What a fun day!

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