Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dentist Appointment

One area I have definitely been slack with in terms of parenting is the dentist. It has been a year since James saw the dentist but in my defense we had to wait several months to get an appointment with the pediatric dentist here. Apparently they are very busy.  We actually have several dentist friends that I could have taken him to but James was so terrible at the dentist in Shreveport that I vowed to never go to someone we knew again! This was Harrison's first time ever going.  It's so funny how kids react to things. Harrison (who is normally my hard to control child) did great. No big deal, barely made a fuss, let the dentist check his teeth, etc.  He is always very easy at the doctor too.  James (normally my easy to handle child) completely fell apart. Crying, screaming, etc. It took the dentist, me, my mom, and the nurse to hold him down and they didn't even do anything to him! We go again in six months and I'm hoping and praying that maybe he will do better by then. 

Hanging out in the waiting room

Can you believe this is the kid who was screaming and kicking five minutes earlier???
We went ahead and scheduled our 6 month appointment and they gave us an 8 a.m. slot. I told my mom I cannot even imagine being somewhere with 2 four month olds, a 2 1/2 year old and a 5 year old by 8 a.m. let alone taking them all to the dentist! I'm thinking we will probably need a sitter that morning... 


  1. I have found when it comes to children, the best way to get them comfortable doing anything is to start them young. I started taking my children to the dentist before the age of three. My reasoning for this was not so much that they needed, but so they would get used to it. Young kids learn so much faster.

    Nicky Waller @ My Grand Dental

  2. I can definitely relate to the stress that comes along with taking a child to the dentist. I have a niece and a nephew who hate the dentist, and I always dread taking them. It is a hassle, but taking your kids to the dentist every six months is one of the most important things you can do to keep their teeth healthy.

    Eunice Greer @ Downtown Dental SC

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