Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Charleston Get-Away

My parents were at a charity auction last winter and purchased a house rental in Charleston for several nights and were very generous to invite Ryan and I along with David, Greer, and Georgia to come with them for a long weekend.  We love Charleston and this was our last trip very far away until we can leave the babies!

I think Georgia enjoyed soaking in the huge tub
Getting ready to go out to dinner 

The house we stayed in was actually on rainbow row and I believe was built in the 1700's.  It was really neat to stay in a historical home and to be right in the middle of everything. 
Greer and I decided to sneak away for a massage
One of my favorite parts of the weekend was spending some quality time with this cutie 
All dressed up for dinner!

I had to take a picture of all of them crammed into the car on the ride home. I got to ride in the front- one of the perks of being the pregnant one, lol. 

23+ weeks pregnant with twins!
Sunday brunch 

Ryan introduced Georgia to flying on what we call the baby airplane
A big thanks to Nana and Pop who took such good care of our boys while we were gone.  They went to the pool, got new toys at the toy store, went to visit some extended family and apparently had lots of fun!  
I love this- both working on their schoolwork in the morning

Ice cream at the pool
James was excited about his new Legos and Harrison was REALLY excited about his microphone!
Church with Granny Baker 

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