Saturday, August 22, 2015

22 Weeks/26 Weeks

I'm still trying to be better about blogging about this pregnancy. I know one day I will look back and realize how fast it went and how hard it is to remember the details!

22 Week Appointment:

I am still being seen at the OB every 4 weeks but after the next appointment I switch to every two. I have to admit I would like to be seen a little more frequently just so I know everything is still going well. This past month was a little hard for me. Lots of back pain, pelvic pain, still some nausea, bad heartburn. All the joys of pregnancy multiplied by two! The best moment from this past month is around 20 weeks when Ryan was able to start feeling them kick and move. It is hard to believe we have known the genders for a whole month now. I'm still trying to believe we are going to have three boys and a girl in our family soon!

This was a typical ultrasound and ob appointment. At the ultrasound they were both wiggling around.  Poor Andrew was being repeatedly kicked in the head by his sister!  They are getting bigger so it is hard to see them both at the same time on the screen. I got a lot of pictures but they weren't my favorites this time.  Baby A is currently Andrew and he is head down. Baby B is currently Katherine and she is breech.

Andrew: 1 pound 3 ounces 97th percentile

Kate: 1 pound 49th percentile

I am measuring almost 2 months ahead which is why I look huge!  The doctor was slightly concerned about their size discrepancy but that is more common with boy girl twins. She also said we may have caught Andrew right after a growth spurt and Kate hasn't had hers yet. Hopefully by the next appointment they will be similar.

26 Week Appointment:

This past month has probably been my best month of the pregnancy. Besides being huge I have felt pretty good. We have slowly started getting the nursery together and also combined the two older boys in one room so that the babies would have a room.  I knew this was going to be a long appointment because I had an ultrasound, hour glucose test, and my regular appointment with the doctor. Every ultrasound is scheduled to take an hour because of it being two babies. I ended up being there for almost three hours!

I was in for a shock with the ultrasound when finding out that these babies had switched places and flipped on me! Kate is now Baby A and is breech and Andrew is now Baby B and is head down. The ultrasound tech said it is unlikely that they will switch places again and if I end up having a regular birth Kate will be born first but if it is a c-section then there is a good chance Andrew will be born first. Looks like these babies are trying to fight over who will be the youngest in the family!  The ultrasound tech was also sweet and let me see the babies in 4D.

Andrew: 2 pounds 2 ounces

Kate: 2 pounds

This was a more eventful doctor's appointment than some in the past.  The good news is that I passed my diabetes test and that the babies growth percentiles were more in line with each other.  I am definitely huge, measuring 35 weeks pregnant!  The bad news is that I have some signs that point to preterm labor and am now on modified bed rest and I also found out I am anemic.  Soooo...I have had some time to catch up on the blog as I sit around the house.  The doctor said no walking, no shopping, off my feet as much as possible, and the possibility of full bed rest in the near future. This has been hard for my type A, control personality! I think any type of bed rest is hard but it is especially hard when you have two little boys who demand a lot of attention. Thankfully my mom and Ryan's mom have stepped in to help and we are looking at getting some other help as well.  My doctor also switched me to weekly appointments and ultrasounds to monitor the babies so I am thankful to have some close monitoring.  The doctor's goal is for me to make it to a minimum of 34 weeks and after only doing this for four days I'm already going slightly crazy so the thought of at least eight weeks of sitting around is not really exciting for me. But... thankfully I have this to keep me motivated:

Katherine Grace Holland
Pretty girl
Andrew Baker Holland
Mr. Chubby Cheeks


  1. Yay for Kate and Andrew! Girls are so much fun...I never realized it until I had my own! Drama filled though.

  2. Sounds like a total twin pregnancy.....stay off your feet, really. You're gonna need all the rest you have once they're here.

  3. Whenever I got frustrated about not being able to care for Georgia how I was used to, or when I watched the house fall apart, I tried to remind myself that I wold do anything to protect my children, even the ones that weren't born yet. It seemed harder to think in those terms since they weren't actually "here," but when I thought of it like that I knew I could hang in there! You're doing great!

    1. So true Erinn and what a good way to look at it!