Sunday, July 26, 2015

Funny Sweet Sayings

Funny and Sweet Sayings from James: 

"Mom, if you throw up on a day when Daddy is not here I will have to do a lot of things. I will have to be the ruler."

"Mommy if you throw up again I will come sleep in your bed and I will take care of you all night long. For real. I'm serious about this." (side note- I hope my poor boys have not been traumatized by seeing me so sick for so long!)

"Mommy I'm going to love you forever." (I'm thinking how sweet)... "even when you die." (nice)

Emily- "One day you will grow up and you will be the daddy."   James- "I will have to find myself a good girl like you then."

James giving H a cup of water. "Here you go, this is my blood." (guess they had learned about the last supper at church that day)

James speaking to my belly, "I'm so happy I get to be your big brother."

"Mom, when are they going to hatch again?"

James- "Harrison, yeah is not a word. It is YES."

Funny and Sweet Sayings from Harrison: 

Harrison during night time prayers, "Thank you for Mommy. Thank you for Daddy. Thank you for the lizard at the pet store. Thank you for obeying."  (the funny thing about him saying thank you for obeying is that he always does it on nights where he has been in trouble for NOT obeying, haha!)

"It's mines." 

"Hold you Mommy Hold you!"

Emily- "James did you sleep well last night?" Before he has a chance to answer Harrison pipes up, "My sleep well too! My sleep well too!"

My like this song! My like it!

Emily- "Harrison, you are going to be a big brother." Harrison- "Ok great cool."

When I went to pick Harrison up from church camp he was sitting in the time out chair. When he saw me he yelled out, "I'm in time out mommy!" When I asked him why he said, "I pushed my friends. It's funny."

Emily- "Harrison do we love baby Davis or hit baby Davis?" Harrison-  "Hit hit hit baby Davis." Emily- "No we love baby Davis." Harrison-  "Nooooooo!"  (for the record he really does love his baby cousin)

"I can kiss the babies Mama?" (so sweet, the first time H has wanted to kiss my belly)

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