Friday, July 31, 2015

July Misc

This summer has flown by!  Another jam-packed month. Here are some of our memories from July!

Early morning bed head
Harrison has continued to have a bubble obsession

Backyard bubble wands 
It has been HOT. One of the few days that it was more comfortable outside. 
We are still working on obeying...
I wonder what our neighbors thought about this???
One day before nap Harrison said that he wanted James to rock him and read him books and that they needed a little privacy and for me to shut the door, lol. I snapped this through the crack. 
We had Madeline come stay for a couple of nights and tried to do some fun activities while she was here. 
M&M math 
Making homemade ice cream- huge failure
Thankfully we had ice cream sandwhiches in the freezer so we ate those instead!
James has been into wanting to do homework this summer during rest time. This week he worked on making a book while learning the word "like" (yes I taught kindergarten, can you tell?) 

He has quite the Star Wars obsession right now

Every night while we read books Harrison insists on drinking water out of his engraved silver cup. "Need some water in my silver cup please", he always says.

First time trying out goggles 
After dinner ice cream
Thank you to the inventor of these towels that don't fall off
Harrison has become obsessed with playing musical instruments 
Bath time is always a fun time
My mom spent the night and I kept waiting for her to come back down and finally went to check on her and this is how I found her. James loves his Nene!
James had a fun week at bible school 

While he was at VBS my mom took Harrison for a bit. The boys were so sweet wanting to Face Time together. They missed each other!
We took James out to eat at his favorite place- Buffalo Wild Wings. He loves it because of all the sports on tv. 
And my parents took H to the Japanese steakhouse. 
I love for each kid to get special time alone. Harrison is wearing one of his Uncle David's old outfits
Sara came to visit for the weekend! 

The boys did a cooking camp. They even made homemade pasta one day!

Davis and Rebecca came for the day. The boys had a little trouble sharing...

I will be honest. Going out with three of them gave me anxiety about the future. I don't know if we will be venturing out to dinner with four kids any time soon!

James wanted to teach Harrison how to use the iPad 

This cracked me up. I made sure to send it to Ryan. 

Harrison also got his picture made in his Uncle Jimmy's outfit. I love that my mom and Ryan's mom saved some clothes from their kids growing up. 
Playing hide and go seek with James

James has decided he loves math and made his own work sheet this day for me to grade
Harrison decided to test out the new patio furniture as Ryan was getting it set up 

I just love all these pictures James makes me and I have a hard time throwing them away so I take a picture to remember. Every day while Harrison naps I try to rest as well and James has independent time. Most days he sneaks in and leaves me a picture on the bed to wake up to. I love that sweet boy! This was yet again another star wars creation which for the record he has never even seen.