Thursday, June 4, 2015

Harrison at age 2

I'm going to have to come back and edit this for his height and weight stats because we have been so busy this month that we can't get to the doctor till the end of June! 

Harrison I wish there was a way to bottle up all of your personality and funny and unique traits at this age so I could never forget them!  I am absolutely FLOORED at how different you are at age 2 versus age 1.  The first year of your life you were pretty quiet, a little stoic, and mostly just took in all that was going on with a sense of bored tolerance of the world. This last year you have come out of your shell in a major way! You are so so funny! You seriously have one of the biggest personalities for a two year old ever.  You love to make jokes and then you crack up laughing at them yourself. You are extremely verbal. You never stop talking. I joked with Ryan the other day that you may end up being the most talkative person out of the whole family.  The nursery worker at church told us recently that it always surprises them to see this little guy walking around and then you open your mouth to say a paragraph. You may be the younger brother but you are going to make sure your voice is heard.  Some of your favorite phrases that we hear a lot lately are, "I've got a problem!" "That's funny Mama." "Help me help me everybody" and "It's MY turn to talk".   You also sometimes confuse I and My so we get lots of phrases like "My hungry Mama.".  Some of your favorite things and activities are bubbles, dancing, playing with the toy kitchen (especially pretending to make pizza), being outside, and playing with the water hose. Your favorite foods are cheese, fruit, and water. 

Some other things about you at this age. You are stubborn. We have multiple meltdowns and time outs each day. If I ask you if you need to go to time out a lot of times you say, "Yep" and plop yourself right down. We have had to get on you recently for having a potty mouth and not talking respectful to your mama.  Harrison you also have a sensitive side and your feelings get hurt easily.  You love to snuggle at night time in the rocking chair and "rock rock a lil bit".  We will be moving you to a big boy bed soon so I am treasuring these snuggle moments. You have a sweet side and you love to be a helper.  Whenever we pray you always insist on praying too and often include all sorts of things. For instance last night you thanked God for the lizards at the pet store!  You love your brother and you drive him crazy but at the end of the day you are best friends. The other night you came up to each of us and said, "I love you Mama. I love you Daddy. I love you James." We love you SO much Harrison!!! You bring so much joy and laughter to our lives! 

I didn't get a lot of pictures on your actual birthday but it was a fun day. You had your last day of extended preschool camp. Nene came to keep you and James while I had a doctor's appointment and after nap time we went to the pet store which is one of your favorite places. 

After the pet store we went as a family to Cow Cafe for dinner and birthday ice cream. 

We met the Doak family there. I tried to get a picture but poor Bo was traumatized !
Happy Birthday Harrison!

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