Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gender Reveal

We had never done a gender reveal before and we thought it would be a fun way to announce what we were having with the twins. Ryan's mom was so sweet to host it and plan it for us!

I decided I wanted each baby to have their own cake 

Before everyone showed up Nana and Harrison decided to have a dance party. :) 

And we got some snuggle time with this cutie 
James got in some practice holding two babies 
One of my favorite pictures! My two boys with both of their cousins, all together for the first time. How did I get so blessed?
My turn to practice holding two- it's harder than it looks! 

Georgia showed off her crawling skills 

There was a sign for people to give us suggestions for names. Obviously some are for real and some are a joke but I think James was serious when he suggested Yoda Light Saber! 

These two love to be silly

Answering questions for the gender game

I don't know if I quite believe this chart. Pretty much everyone I asked the week before said either just boys or just girls. Of course Ryan's dad said he chose one of each so that he knew he got it at least 50 percent right. :) 

Finally it was time to cut the cakes! Ryan and I found out the genders together beforehand so we thought it would be fun for my mom and James to cut one cake and Ryan's mom and Harrison to cut the other. We wanted to involve the boys somehow.

Baby A is a boy!
James kept saying, " I can see it I can see it!" 

Baby B is a girl!
I love Granny Baker's reaction 

Sweet Georgia gets to have a girl cousin! She is seriously outnumbered by the boys

Thank you Sara for helping me take pictures. So glad Shannon and Rebecca could be there to celebrate with us!

Holland Family future party of six

Just so I have it on record when we first starting talking about the babies we each made our own guesses. Ryan and Harrison thought it was two boys, James thought it was a boy and a girl (and did not waver from his guess the whole time) and I guessed two girls.  I actually would not have been surprised with two girls or two boys. I told Ryan on our way to find out that the one combo that would really shock me and rock me would be a boy AND a girl and lo and behold that is what we got! We are thrilled! I love little boys so much so to get to cuddle and snuggle one more is so special. I still can't believe there is going to be a girl in our family. I don't have a clue how to raise her but I'm so excited.  We can't wait!  

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