Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day

This was a fun year for Father's Day because we celebrated  throughout the whole weekend.  Ryan's gift from me was that he wanted to play with his dad in the member/guest golf tournament so he got two full days of golfing while his mom and I hung out with the kids. 

While Ryan was golfing James and I worked on filling out this questionnaire for him.  I always love seeing how kids answer stuff. 

Then Harrison and James and I worked on making a special dessert for our Father's Day lunch we were having the next day.

The best part for me about the golf tournament was that it included two dinners for us to go to. I always love an excuse for a date night!
I didn't take a picture but Ryan's mom was sweet to watch the kids while I snuck away for a dinner with my dad as well which was probably more of a gift for myself than it was for him but I loved it! 

On Sunday (Father's Day) we let Ryan sleep in, fixed him breakfast, and then let him open his cards and gifts.  

Harrison was proud of the card he made
I then attempted to get a picture of the boys before we headed to the beach to celebrate with Ryan's family.

We were so excited that Whitney, Rod, and Davis were in town and that we got to spend the day with them. James and Harrison were SO happy to meet their new cousin!

First time meeting Davis

 After a yummy lunch it was time for cake!

3 great dads!
That afternoon the boys went for a boat ride
Then it was time for bubbles
And some outside fun

First family photo since Davis arrived!
Finally before we left we tried to get a picture of the three boys.

Ryan and I are extremely blessed in that we have dads who set such a high standard of what a father should be and who have helped us and guided us in so many ways over the years.  They have been such an example of what a good father looks like.  Ryan continually amazes me at what an awesome dad he is to our children which is evidenced by the relationship he and James and Harrison share.  One of my own greatest joys this past year has been being able to see my brother and Rod become dads and how that experience has changed them.  I love that James, Harrison, and Davis are growing up surrounded with the influence of these four guys. I am so proud of the men in our family!!!  

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