Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Beach Part 2

Ryan had to work some during the vacation but he was able to sneak way for several days. The boys were super excited to spend time with him! The first day he came we went to check out my parents' house that is being built and to take a walk on the beach over there. 

Our sad attempt at the family selfie 
H was not happy for some reason 

I'm a little partial but I love the NC beaches!

The boys enjoyed checking out the construction sight 
Can't wait for summer 2016!

Afterwards we met David for dinner 
It ended up being slightly stressful to try to eat out with three kids, all of whom were tired and grumpy. The only time H was content was eating the cheese dip 
James is so into Legos right now. There were times where he wanted to stay in and build something instead of going outside!
James begged for a boogie board
Ryan got quite the workout doing it with him!

I had to include at least one picture of Ryan and my dad putting up this massive tent every day. It wasn't the easiest thing ever but it was SO nice to have.
Pappy introduced H to Gatorade and as Harrison likes to say, "My like it!"

Getting ready for our adults only dinner/date night! Forgot to take a picture while we were there but we enjoyed dinner with just my parents and David and Greer. I'm so thankful my kids finally do okay for babysitters, even new ones!

Harrison rode the boogie board a few times and then to quote him, "My scared!" and that was the end of that. 

Walk on the beach

One of the best things we ever bought- the blow up kids bed!

Pappy and James working on crossword puzzles at dinner 

Harrison had a hard time with naps so we definitely ended up like this a few times 

Our last night in town we went and had dinner at David and Greer's house 

I could not believe the stuff I brought just for me and the boys. I dread thinking about our future family vacations and the amount we are going to have!!!
So fun to have a week with these boys!

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