Monday, June 15, 2015

Beach Part 1

We recently got back from spending a week at the beach with my family. We had a GREAT time! Last summer I didn't feel like we got enough time to just play at the beach which is sad considering we now live less than an hour away from one. We had all sorts of various activities we were planning on doing while we were there but the boys loved the beach so much that we ended up just doing that every day.  I ended up with a picture overload on my phone so I broke the week up into two posts. 

Sand and water- two of Harrison's favorite things 

We were excited to have Madeline with us the first weekend to help out
James and his Nene
Snack break 
This cutie pie joined us for several days

Harrison went through moments where he loved the beach and when he hated it. You never knew which it was going to be!

Dinner minus the boys while Madeline babysat. What a treat!
Bubbles on the beach which turned into a light saber fight

Love this sweet boy
And this sweet girl! I feel so blessed to have such sweet kids in the family 
James made this one morning- characters from the Lego movie 

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