Friday, May 15, 2015

Relay for Life

The boys had a lot of fun this year at Relay for Life. James was on the team and raised over $500!  They were both super excited about going and walking the track. 

We were so glad Davis came to hang out!

Pizza picnic
The kids walked around the track and played games and apparently went to a candy bar to fill up a bag with candy. It was hilarious to watch Harrison try to eat it all. 

Two suckers 

The candy necklace was a huge hit

Sweet Madeline came out to help me with the boys

The next morning we came back for the kids walk. 

Free donuts. These boys were on a sugar high. 

Each child got to carry a balloon. The color of the balloon corresponding to who they were walking in honor of: grandparent, sibling, friend, etc. 

At the end they released the balloons. Poor Harrison didn't understand and he boo hooed. He still asks about that balloon!
Then it was time for some games!
Harrison's version of the bean bag toss

He was proud of getting his hand painted
Let's end the day with one more sucker! 

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