Sunday, May 31, 2015

Harrison's 2nd Birthday Party!

After not doing much for Harrison's first birthday and feeling the mom guilt over that I really wanted this year to have a special day for our little man. I decided to do a truck theme because we already had so many of them and Harrison loves to dig in the dirt with his trucks. I kept it small and simple but I think he enjoyed it. 

Dirt cake in the truck

Harrison requested orange cupcakes. His favorite color!
He is obsessed with bubbles so I had all sorts of bubble toys. 

Sweet Barr!
So glad Granny Baker could come
Pop was great at making the big bubbles

We were so glad Davis came to the party!
Harrison wanted to give Rebecca some love
Friends since birth! Love her!

Harrison blew his candle out in one puff!

We had all of his favorite foods: chicken nuggets, cheese and crackers, fruit, goldfish, apple juice. Not the healthiest menu ever but he chose it!

Jump house with Uncle David

James sure does love Georgia!
Opening presents
Goodbye hug for Davis
Poor Ryan got the job of putting together the balance bike
Creech/Holland Family Photo
Holland photo 
Even more Hollands!

I love this sweet girl!

Before long everyone left and it was definitely time for a nap. Anyone else have a kid that when they are super tired ends up sleeping less instead of more??? Less than an hour later the birthday boy was back up and in a less than happy mood. 

Trying on his new rain boots helped him perk up a bit

A little too much birthday! 
Thankfully before long the weather cooled off, everyone was happy again, and we ended our day with the four of us playing outside. Happy Birthday sweet Harrison! I hope you enjoyed your party!

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