Monday, May 25, 2015

Davison Holland

We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our precious nephew and he is finally here!!!! There is just nothing more exciting than when you get that text that someone you love is in labor and then the hours of anxiously waiting for updates.  Sweet Davis decided to make his debut a bit early and he is just the cutest thing ever!  We are so excited for a boy cousin in the family!

This was the first picture Ryan's dad sent us. I love his cheeks!
If we had not been 7 hours away we would have jumped in the car and been there in no time but unfortunately we had to wait till Ryan had a weekend off to get to SC.  Thankfully Whitney supplied us with lots of pictures. 
2 weeks later we were finally able to get to South Carolina and get some snuggles with sweet Davis!

Brings back some memories

I promise I'm not choking him here. Am I the only person who thinks the baby forehead wrinkle that they do is adorable?!
I love my own children but it is a well known fact that neither were easy babies and they never had the phase where they slept all the time and were easy to take out. We definitely went out when they were little but our outings were spent taking turns walking around and doing what I call the "baby bounce". Davis on the other hand was a champ! We took him to dinner, breakfast, and he was awesome. The only time I heard him cry during our whole visit was when we made him wake up! 

We went to Broken Egg Cafe because it reminded me of Shreveport! 

Davis your Uncle Ryan and Auntie Em love you SO much!  

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