Friday, April 3, 2015

Egg Hunts

We have had a lot of fun at our Easter egg hunts this year. We started off with the annual Easter egg hunt at Nana's house. She always does such a good job putting it together!

Brave Nana for letting us dye eggs!

Time to find the eggs!

So glad Daniel could come with his parents to the hunt

Harrison wanted nothing to do with picking up eggs this year.

I told H to give D a hug and this was what he did

We were so glad Aunt Whitney and Uncle Rod were in town for the weekend
I love these pictures that Rod took of the boys.

I'm not so sure about this kid, lol.

The next week both kids had egg hunts at people's houses for preschool. Harrison's was first and it was pretty comical to watch him with his friends.

This was the inside of the play house- so neat!
How cute is this play house? It had carpet and everything!

Circle time outside

H picked up exactly one egg
He just was not into it. He kept saying, "home home" and trying to walk to the car
I thought this was funny. Instead of using baskets the kids worked together to put all the eggs into a clothes basket. Then they were given their baskets at the end with five eggs in each. 

A couple of days later it was James's turn.
Super fun activity. Throwing eggs filled with paint at a canvas. 

Sack race

Both class egg hunts were fun but I have to say James's was way less stressful!

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