Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Misc

Another month gone. Slow down time!

This picture doesn't show it well but James was dressed for Wacky Tacky day. PJ pants, football shirt, two different shoes and different socks. 
James is always trying to love on Harrison and H wants nothing to do with it!

They were out of toys at Sonic so they brought us free ice cream and they were huge!
Just chilling and eating lunch al fresco 
Sweet Ms. Ethel cuts the boys' hair and this day she had bought them donuts. Who doesn't love getting their hair cut under those circumstances!?

We loved having the Cox family come and spend the day with us

This recently joined our family 
Quick trip to the aquarium 

Nana stopped by for lunch on her way to the beach 

One of his many Lego creations 
It was really not hot enough to pull out the swimming pool but whatever  

This kid. I love him.  
One of Harrison's latest things is being "wrapped up" in a blanket. He insists on this anytime he goes to sleep or wants to cuddle
James made this for me one day when I wasn't feeling well. Sweet boy!
Nana came for a ball game. James was given the team ball that night for playing so well. He was thrilled!  
This is what happens when friends come over with their new baby

This kid loves some water
 One fun thing I got to do was spend the weekend in Raleigh and Winston Salem visiting some of my friends and celebrating Daniel's first birthday. 
Dinner in Raleigh
Happy Birthday Daniel!
So happy we got to see Rebecca and Sara's grandma
She had made us her special homemade lemonade. Delicious! 
 While I was gone for the weekend Ryan and the boys went to the beach with Nana and Pop. 

H and James both caught fish 

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