Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Funny and Sweet Sayings

* I think this may be the last edition of funny and sweet sayings before Harrison is included. That boy is talking up a storm and most of what he says is pretty hilarious! 

Some of the latest sayings from James: 

"Mommy, the reason I was screaming and crying is because I had the hiccups." - this is his excuse for a huge fit he had

James- "I love my brother." Emily- "Are you going to love your new cousin?" James- "Yes but I love Harrison more."

"Can I bring my puppy to heaven?"

"I want to be a policeman when I grow up so I can drive super fast and break the law."

"My brother is getting so big. He used to be as small as a little mouse." 

"Do you know that I love you mom?"

"Let's snuggle up together."

Emily- "Do you know who our president is?" James- "Jesus"

"Mommy, on Valentine's day you can sleep in my bed!"

"I want to have 71 girlfriends."

"That's true love Mom."

"Mom can you sit somewhere else? I need a little alone time from you."

"You are not my parents, you're my mom!"

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