Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Florida Day 2

The next morning we were up bright and early. Ryan was off to his conference and we were off to the Magic Kingdom. One of the great things about our hotel was it was only one stop on the monorail from Magic Kingdom. We may or may not have been talking so much that we missed the stop the first time and had to ride all the way back  

We had the first reservations at Crystal Palace so we got into the park before anyone else. I mostly did this so we could get a picture in front of the castle with no other people BUT there was a downpour right when we got there so no picture. 

After we went to the buffet the characters started coming around. I don't know if James even knew who they were but he seemed to enjoy it. 

And last but not least- Pooh!

After breakfast we were off to ride some rides! Thanks to being there early and sharing our fast passes with James we did not have to wait long in any lines which was great. 

One of James's favorite rides 
Nene and Pappy on Buzz Lightyear 

If you ask James what was his favorite thing about Disney World he will reply the ice cream. In other words we probably could have just bought some ice cream in NC and saved a bunch of money! 

Using their magic bands to ride 

By the time we rode It's a Small World James was done. He really does still need a nap every day. 
He perked up a little at the parade 
And he perked up A LOT at the toy store!

After buying a few souvenirs we decided to take the boat back to the hotel for a rest 

After we took a break it was back again, this time with Ryan.  One thing we were not expecting is that the weather took an unexpected turn and we were FREEZING!!! 

Family selfie on the Aladdin ride 

I was surprised James went on Thunder Mountain Railroad

Yes! They did it! 
My mom wanted to go to the Country Bear Jamboree which was funny bc Ryan had told me earlier it was one of his least favorites and he hoped it was closed, haha! 
Family selfie as we started Pirates of the Carribean
We were happy to take a break for dinner. Mostly because it was inside and warm!
Just entertaining himself with his new cars 
Best part of dinner- dessert!

We were all tired and SO cold but it was almost time for the electrical parade and then the fireworks. My dad and Ryan decided they had had enough but my mom, James, and I decided to tough it out and stay. 

Getting ready for the parade 
There was some crazy wind that day and it did something special to my hair
James was mesmerized by the pre fireworks show

This is our picture to remind ourselves how COLD we were. My mom bought us a blanket and James a sweatshirt.
Waiting for the monorail to go back to hotel. What a day/night! 

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  1. I love all your BIG Disney smiles!

    Harrison will never know the difference AND he got some of his own undivided attention!