Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Florida Day 1

Ever since last year when we went to Florida with Ryan for a conference James has asked at least once a week when we can go back to Disney World.  I confess, I wanted to go back. To me it is such a fun place to take your kids! So... when Ryan saw there was another conference, this time on Disney property, we decided to surprise James and take him back.  

I wrapped up our magic bands for him to open to surprise him with the trip
At the airport
James has also been begging to ride an airplane again. I think he thought it was normal to fly as much as when did when we lived in LA. 
It worked out great that my dad also had a conference that ended the day Ryan's began so he stayed in Florida and my mom traveled with us.

Magic bands on and ready to use!
Riding the magical express to our hotel 
Someone needed a nap
We got to our hotel, changed clothes, and got ready to go to Downtown Disney. 

First up- dinner at T-Rex cafe 
Digging for fossils 

James loves dinosaurs so I thought this would be a great place to eat. We couldn't get reservations last year. Well of course he was totally into it until we got seated right beside this T-rex who came alive every five minutes. James was not happy about it! And boy that restaurant was loud!!!

He looks happy here but he did not enjoy his dinner. 

Every 15 minutes or so they also had a meteor shower   
After dinner we escaped outside.  The restaurant was right beside every little boys' dream- The Lego store.

This dragon was made out of Legos! 

Lego Buzz and Woody 

The Hulk! I'm amazed people can build these statues 
We also checked out the toy store where James tried out his Star Wars skills with the light saber 
He and Nene also rode the train 

We finished our night with delicious dessert from the Ghridelli store 

After all that we headed back to our hotel. We were worn out from the day of travel. However we found enough energy to watch the electrical parade and fireworks from the dock at the hotel. It was a great first day! 

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