Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Misc

Another busy month! Here are our March memories!

Trip to the pet store  
Celebrating Dr. Suess' Birthday 
James has started requesting a "burger" instead of chicken nuggets

Post bath time selfie
Hooray for pretty weather!
Avocado anyone?
This child loves to play in the dirt 
Swim lessons!
Another outdoor lunch
Ice cream by the river
Love my boys!
And love the beautiful area we live in!
I got invited to visit James's class to read a book
I even got to stay for snack 

James has started teaching Harrison different things: letters, colors, etc. 
Reading books together 

I was so excited to get to spend some time with Daniel at Ashley's baby shower 
Can't wait to meet Ashley's sweet baby girl!
Love these girls!
Someone was super excited that I brought him home a cupcake from the shower 
Lego time 
This sweetie picked me some flowers 
Practicing for T-ball. And yes, Harrison picked out his outfit himself!

Harrison insisted that his puppy needed a diaper

I found this in a hidden pocket of our suitcase. My mom gave it to me YEARS ago when we moved to Shreveport. I still remember how good it felt to know I could come home for a visit if I needed to. And yes I definitely cashed in this coupon more than once!
James's class dressed up as Lego people for the school circus 

We have two boys who LOVE to watch basketball 

I'm so thankful they are starting to play more and more together 
James made me this necklace. I wore it all day. :) 
Date night!

I caught H biting through plastic candy to eat it after an egg hunt
Sweet flowers from my hubby 
This child constantly cracks us up. Both of my boys have silver baby cups that were given to them. H insists on drinking water out of his every night before bed! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Florida Day 3

The next day we headed back to Magic Kingdom. We debated if we should go somewhere else but our hotel was so convenient to MK and there were still some things we wanted to do. Next trip we will have to venture out. 

James loved the tea cups!
He also requested that Pappy ride the race car with him. Maybe my dad is more adventurous than I was the day before. 
Looks like Pappy didn't mind!

We didn't get a picture but I dragged James on the new 7 Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster. He told me he liked it about 5%.  
We headed to the Be Our Guest castle for lunch where we had one of the new, coveted lunch reservations.
I will say it was better than most Disney food and James loved his Mahi fish! So much that he cried and begged for me to order him another portion.  That was also my signal that we needed to head back for a nap.  
That afternoon our plan was to go back but we were all worn out and just wanted some down time. 
Taking a stroll on the "beach"
One of James's highlights of the trip was that our hotel had an arcade and Ryan took him to play some games. They ended their time with one last Mickey ice cream.

I really wanted to try the famous restaurant at the hotel and also have an adults' dinner so that night we had reservations with my parents and had a babysitter for James. James was beyond excited about having a babysitter. Maybe he needed a break from us! The dinner was delicious but most of all it was fun to just relax with my parents and talk about the trip. 

The coolest coffee pot ever. And the best coffee I have ever had 

I need one of these at home to serve with my coffee

We even got a rose to take with us

We were up bright and early to make the trek back to NC.

5 minutes after we got into the car
Some people may be thinking, what about Harrison?  Poor buddy got left behind this time. I struggled with the Mommy guilt for that but the truth is, at 21 months this just is not a good age for him for Disney world. He would have loved aspects of it but he sure would have had us all up by 5 a.m. each day and I'm afraid the meltdowns would have been frequent. I promise we will make it up to you sweet boy! Harrison had a great time with his Nana and Pop while we were gone. They went to River Park North, painted, did some practice egg hunts, and played and played. I don't think he missed us a bit! We sure did miss him though.