Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day!

It's ridiculous but I love Valentine's Day. So much that since Ryan and I were going to be out of town on the holiday we celebrated it a day early with the boys. 

A couple of days earlier this letter was delivered to me. :) James has such a sweet side!
Harrison's valentine he made me at school 

We were leaving town right after I dropped James off at school so we had a candlelight (per Harrison's request) breakfast and exchanged valentine's after.  Carolina Bagel Company- yum!   

Hutchy just couldn't wait to eat his M&Ms.  
Afterwards Ryan and I hit the road to SC to see Whitney and Rod. We hadn't been there since James was two so we were super excited to get to see their new house and spend time with just them.  This is probably our first and last time visiting there with no kids because soon baby Davis will be with them! We can't wait to meet our nephew in a few months!

When we got back to NC James had brought home some valentines for us.

He told me that this was the love in our family- one heart for each member.

My valentine hug! 

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