Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ice and Snow

We have had some winter weather the past two weeks and in typical Southern fashion as soon as snow or ice is in the forecast school is out! Last week we woke up to this: 

A nice coating of ice over everything 
Ice is no fun. Nothing to play in and you can't go anywhere. And considering we were coming off of three weeks of sickness at our house we were pretty much done with being stuck in the house 

We started off the ice day with a little paint 
Why paint paper when you can paint your arm? 

Finished product. I like to take pictures of them so I don't have to keep everything!
James did some water color painting 
Next we went upstairs and did some exercise videos on YouTube to get some energy out
I attempted to get some stuff done and then found this- oh Harrison!

Silly boys
We had a small window of time when the ice had melted and not refrozen. Ryan was working late and we were stir crazy so we escaped to grab some 99 cent kids' meals. Yes, they are in their pajamas. At 5:00. In public. 
A week later we had some more winter weather but thankfully this was snow! So much more fun to play in!

As soon as it started coming down we went outside
James LOVED it
Harrison hated it!
Our water table had frozen over and they had a great time "chopping ice" as James said 
A couple of hours later it really started to come down 
This kid. Mad at the world about this snow
Harrison refused to cooperate with our selfie, lol

He was traumatized that his "mitt mitts" (mittens) got snow on them 

Finally got a little smile from him
Our friends across the street invited us over for a day of sledding, snowball fights, and lots of fun.

I love this picture of them all lined up together. 

Sledding down the slide 
Harrison kept saying "home home" and eventually just took off down the street. 
They closed Ryan's office early so he got to come home and play in the snow with us
Ryan gets all the credit for this guy
H kept picking up ice chunks and taking a bite and saying, "mmmm"
Starting to melt. We got about 3 inches
We finished up our day with some yummy snow cream
It was a great day. Now I am ready for Spring!!!

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  1. I love the snow pics!!!! And is that your house???? beautiful!