Thursday, February 12, 2015

Harrison 20 Months

Somehow I missed taking Harrison to the doctor for his 18 month check up so we finally made it when he was 20 months. Whoops!

Height: 33 inches
Weight: 27 pounds, 10 ounces
Head: I don't remember the number but it was in the 85th percentile. He has a big noggin. 

Harrison you are talking SO much lately!  You are doing three word sentences.  The other day in the car you kept repeating, "See Nene more.  See Pappy more. See Nana more. More Pop."  You obliviously have a love for your grandparents! You know so many words, even random ones like "sound machine" as you told me recently.  You also have mastered the phrase, "No Dames! (James).  Most words sound pretty accurate but for some reason you call pizza "pee pee" (which James finds hilarious) and you also call pancakes "bean beans."  Not sure where that came from but when you want them you get my spatula and start calling for more bean beans! You are trying to count and you are working on identifying your colors.  You favorite toy right now is without a doubt the kitchen set.  You LOVE to pretend to make pizza. You put on your oven mitt, cut the pizza apart, and add "cheese and pepper" as you say.  You also love your new tool bench, especially the drill, making towers with blocks and Legos, play doh, doing bubbles.  Recently you decided you like Elmo and love to read books about him and "cookie". You are an average eater.  Cheese is still a big favorite and fruit.  You do not like to drink milk and we FINALLY got you off the bottle!!!! You love your preschool class and your teacher told me you greet every child by name in the mornings.  Temper tantrums and whining are definitely a daily battle in our house and you are very mischievous.  James loves you so much and for the most part you still get along. The other day James wanted to hug you goodnight in his bed and he held onto you and said, "Sweet little baby. You are getting so big. I'm so proud of you!"  We ALL love you Harrison!!!

This is his "say cheese" face

Loves Mickey 

First day of swim lessons. Mommy looks rough but he sure loved it
New trick- crawling into the bathtub

And the fit after being told not to do it

One of my favorite tantrums.,  I woke him up from his nap and he was mad that it was me and not my mom! 

Makes me feel so loved. And why is he wearing those pants?

His newest attempt on trying to avoid his car seat 

One of his phrases is "dot dot paint"


loves his big brother
I love to kiss those fat cheeks!

Our attempt to go to story time which didn't end well

We are a few months late but we have FINALLY gotten H off the bottle. This was his response when I told him he couldn't have one.
Sampling a little humus
He is such a climber!

James wanted to get in with Harrison one afternoon

Sticker anyone?

Good to the last drop! And yes those stickers stayed on his face the entire day!
One not so great recent memory with Harrison was his first ambulance ride.  We have had SO much sickness here the past month.  One morning Harrison had a low fever but we thought he was doing fine so that afternoon we went to the park.  

Afterwards we went home and were about to go pick up pizza when he had a seizure.  It scared us all to death and it was terrible to see your child like that. He wasn't breathing, was turning blue, so we called 911 and the ambulance came. One funny moment which wasn't funny at the time was that James kept begging to be the one to get to dial 911- they have practiced that at school!  Apparently poor Harrison's temperature spiked super high which caused a febrile seizure.  I rode in the ambulance with him and he was so pitiful.  It took about 3 hours for his fever to start coming down. Turns out he had the flu!  Praise Jesus that Ryan was home with me during all this.  

So sweet in his little hospital gown 

Mommy looks stressed.  
 After a VERY long visit to the ER we finally made it back home. When we got home Ryan looked at me and said, "that was the worst thing I have ever seen." We were both physically and emotionally drained. So thankful it wasn't any worse and that he is okay.  I think I aged 10 years in 10 minutes that day. 
 48 hours later he was back to this: 

As I was writing this I realized that it was almost exactly a year ago that he had his first ER visit for almost choking. I hope that this is not a yearly habit!

Day after the ER visit last February 

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