Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fun Weekend In Greenville

One highlight of the month was a short trip to Greenville to celebrate my mom's birthday and also attend a women's retreat at a church there. 

We were so excited to see Georgia. It had been WAY too long since Christmas!
First thing Harrison did was take a swat at her!
He decided he wanted to love "Gigi" 
Hanging out after the women's retreat. 
While I was at the retreat with Greer my mom watched Georgia and the boys had a fun day at the basket ball
There are no words to describe how happy James was to be with his Uncle David and to get to watch basketball 

Apparently this is how Harrison spent the second half of the game
My dad said he would wake up, clap his hands and then fall right back to sleep!
Pappy with his sweet granddaughter 

Poor Georgia. Harrison is obsessed with her and I think she is probably terrified! 
For dinner that night we grilled out
My dad can really cook a steak! 
In classic two year old fashion Harrison had completely finished his meal right when the rest of us sat down to eat. I bribed him with this ice cream so he would sit still! 
Happy Birthday Nene! 
The morning we left Harrison pulled out all of these singing Christmas toys. He insisted on playing them simultaneously over and over again. And he started this game at 5:30 a.m. Nothing like starting your day off with that! 

It was such a great weekend! Now back to home sweet home!

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