Saturday, February 28, 2015

Feb Misc

Oh February.  You have been full of way too much sickness, cold weather and days off of school!  Thankfully there have been some bright spots scattered throughout but boy this has been a long month! I don't know when the last time I have felt so stir crazy from being stuck in my house.  Here are some of our memories from this month!

One morning we were going crazy in the house and the boys had been begging to see Georgia so we decided to Face time with her! 

James and H had quite a few fights as they tried to get the best spot for viewing on the phone 
My mom also sent me this picture of her later that day. What a sweetie! 
This picture is evidence of a stressful day at the house.  99 cent Zxaby kids meals and CHOCOLATE milk! What was I thinking? Lol 
Harrison likes to help clean in the nude 
Breakfast at Chick fil a on one of our canceled school days due to ice. Needless to say there wasn't much ice! 

Practicing blowing bubbles like when we are at the pool 

Another fever...
I couldn't find H and finally found him in the shower 

It looks like all I do it take my kids out to eat.  In my defense we had been stuck in the house for a WEEK when this picture was taken. And we had been sick the week before that too! And yes I am that mom that took her child with a fever to Panera to get a cookie. It's people like me that probably spread the germs around town. So sorry. 

Can you believe this is 24 hours before he had a seizure and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance?! He looks so happy and well. 
We had one wonderful Friday evening that my parents came and we went out to a late dinner.  
Snuggling with Pappy
Sick day at home with Mommy 
Painting with shaving cream. There are only so many things to do at home with a one year old. 
The flu is no fun
In typical kid fashion a few hours later he was feeling better!

James has an interesting way of playing checkers 
My new way of getting dressed in the morning. I stick them both in Harrison's crib with a bunch of books!
Grumpy pants after a nap.  Most of these selfies are taken and sent to Ryan on days he is working a lot
We had one wonderful day of sunny weather so we made the most of it

I had to take this picture so I would one day look back and laugh. Less than two hours after sweeping and moping the floor...
Ryan makes fun of me for always reading her quotes out loud but I love Lysa Terkurst!

Finger paint!

H has decided he wants to work on potty training which I am not ready for. This morning he went four times before I finally put a pull up on him so I wouldn't have to keep taking his diaper on and off! 
Just a small amount of the red paint H poured on the carpet when I wasn't looking 
Working on Legos or "Yeahgos" as Harrison calls them 

James showing off his flag he made for the Olympics at school 

We split the kids up one night and Ryan and James had a dinner date together while H and I did the same. James chose Buffalo Wild Wings. Harrison chose pizza. 

Later that night James and Ryan watched a movie and had a sleepover under the tent. It was boys only and I am okay with that!

Love these boys!

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