Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter Break

I have to confess that I always have dreaded breaks from school in the past. It was just hard for me to think of things to do with the kids while being with them every minute and not being in our normal routine, especially when Ryan was working so much. It has gotten much easier and more pleasant over the past six months.  We actually ended up having a wonderful break and it was nice to be a little more flexible in our normal routines.  

One thing we did different over the winter break was we split the kids up some.  James got to spend the night by himself with both sets of Grandparents which gave us some good individual time with Harrison.  I also went on an overnight trip to Raleigh with just James and left Harrison behind.  It's always amazing how easy one kid seems compared to two but more importantly how neat it is to observe each child's personality when the other kid isn't around competing for the attention. It also was sweet to see how much the boys missed each other. 

Breakfast date with Harrison 
James put on a performance at my parents house after spending the night

I have been wanting to take James to the Marbles museum in Raleigh and Sara invited us to spend the night and have a sleepover with her and Reese. James was SO excited.  

This was one wild silly dinner
Ice cream for dessert 
My mom texted me this picture while I was gone. Looks like H was enjoying his time alone with Nene and Pappy

The next day Shannon met us with Daniel at Marbles. It was such a neat museum. We can't wait to go back. 

Riding in the news helicopter 

Playing in the ambulance 
Vet area 

Daniel really wanted to play with those toys!

Pirate ship 
Ice hockey 

Using a real saw 

Sweet friends 
Ashley met us for lunch and we should have gotten a group picture but it was mass chaos in that restaurant.  And I won't even go into the fiasco Shannon and I had trying to find my car when it was time to leave but I'm definitely indebted to her for life! 

A few other memories from the break 
This actually happened slightly before. Poor H had the stomach virus and this was our attempt to protect the carpet, lol. 
Poor kid also had a week of croup and cough that resulted in breathing treatments  
James has become really into making us cards and pictures every day. It's hard for me to not save every one because they are so sweet! 
Ryan and I couldn't stop laughing when Harrison was eating his grits. He literally licked the bowl.  
Spending some time with new toys
Family selfie while watching the Pirate bowl game.  Harrison was not happy with our team's performance and we were cracking up listening to James's commentary on the game. He is officially obsessed with football. 
We have not used the high chair in awhile and H found it in the closet, pulled it out, and demanded to have a snack in it while watching the game

Rainy church day was a good excuse to use his new umbrella. Thanks Nana!

I took a screen shot of this post of Facebook to help me keep perspective every day but especially over the break to enjoy these moments with my kids. They go so fast. 

And before I knew it over two weeks had passed and it was back to normal again! 
James is ready for school and Harrison is ready for MOPS! 

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