Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jan Misc

How is January already over? I feel like it was just Christmas!  It has been another quick, busy month and a month that ended unfortunately with a bad bout of sickness! 

Typical day in the play room
Dinner at Cow Cafe

We were happy to have Nene come
Dinner is always better with ice cream
My little chef
And firefighter 

Picking H up at the YMCA nursery. Both my boys love it which is a miracle- they were always terrible at the gym in LA

We have had several bouts of the stomach virus over the years but poor James had the worse one ever.  Bless his heart he was out for almost a whole week. 

Poor boy waiting for the doctor
My mom came so I could take him to the doctor and then take Harrison to Winterfest- a fun day at their preschool.
The teacher told the kids to line up in their square. Everyone did it except H just ran around, lol. 

His favorite activity. Playing with trucks in shaving cream "snow"

Ice Fishing 
Painting a snowflake. He kept painting the table instead.
Jello "ice" sensory table 
He would have stayed in the foam pit all day if he could have

This made me laugh. Just in case he wondered away. 
We came home and Nene had convinced James to eat some ice cream and brought the rest of us lunch. 
The next day James begged for me to let him go to Winterfest so I finally took him for a few minutes. 

Thankful everyone seems to be feeling better! (in reality this was not the case, looks can be deceiving! There were several more weeks of sickness ahead in the Holland household.) 

And finally a quote from Lysa whom I love.  

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