Sunday, December 28, 2014

Holland Christmas

Normally when I wake up the day after Christmas I always feel a little depressed because the holiday is over and some of the excitement was gone. It was great this year to wake up knowing we got to celebrate all over again.  The boys were super excited to go over to Nana and Pop's house for Christmas. 

Nana made her fun game for opening presents again this year. 
Crazy brothers 

Harrison loved his new tractor and we love Green Toys. Check them out parents!

A gift for baby Davis. Can't wait till next Christmas when there are 3 little boys in the family!!!

Poor Rod got stuck putting this thing together
Talk about multitasking 
H has loved this toy. Every morning he insists on eating his snack in it. 

Taking a break to read Elmo
Nana and Pop gave the boys this cool work bench which they have really enjoyed!
Aunt Whitney or "Nit Nee" and James playing Magna Tiles. These are really fun to play with.
Playing the wii with Uncle Rod
That night we got to celebrate with some more of the Holland side Always a great time with family! And best of all we didn't have to pack our stuff up and fly back home the next day. It was a lot easier to load up the car and drive an hour!!!

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