Thursday, December 4, 2014

Harrison 18 Months

Harrison, you are a year and a half old!  I think you think that you are four just like your brother. You love to try to do everything that he does which normally causes some anxiety for your Mama! You wear 18-24 month clothing.  We have a hard time finding pants that fit because your belly is so big but your legs haven't caught up!  You scarcely wear shoes because you take them off so fast and I'm sure I look like a great mom taking you everywhere barefoot in the winter.

  You love to try to sing songs. Your favorites are Jesus Loves Me, Jingle Bells, and Rain Rain Go Away.  This past month you have found your voice and you demand to be heard.  In the car if you hear me and James talking you call, "Mommy?" and if I don't answer and have a conversation with you then you let out a screech until you get our attention.  It makes for some interesting car rides.  You say all sorts of funny words but here are two that you did recently.  One day you let out a huge burp and I said, "Harrison, what was that?!"  You replied, "A burp."  How you learned the word burp I"m not sure.  Another day I asked you if you wanted Mommy or Daddy to put you to bed.  Ryan tried to take you and you said, "No" shaking your head and then pointed and said "door." In other words you wanted Daddy to go out the door! The past couple of weeks you have been trying to put words together. Your first two word combo was "Bye Daddy" when Daddy left for work.  

 You are still my early riser.  This morning I heard you around 4:55 and as I type this you are in your crib getting antsy for me to get you out.  One day when you and James are teenagers I will take pleasure in waking both of you up early in the mornings! You still get into lots of mischief.  One of your new favorite things is to flush items down the toilet and as they go down you wave to them and say "bye!".  One weekend you flushed three whole rolls of toilet paper before I finally gave up.  That bathroom no longer has ANY toilet paper!  We always talk about you being funny.  One day when I got you from preschool I told your teacher, "I know all parents think their kids are funny but he really cracks us up." Her reply was, "Oh no. Harrison REALLY is funny."

The first year of your life you were a little stoic. Well you have really come out of your shell. You love people. Everywhere we go you are a little ham.  I told Ryan I think your mission in life right now is to bring joy to old people because whenever you see them you go crazy waving, smiling, and blowing kisses.  You are such a sweetheart.   You are also really tough, especially when it comes to James.  James loves to kiss you and we can't help but laugh as you push him away.  James's favorite thing right now is to give you a hug, kiss, and a tickle before bed (and always in that order).  I love seeing how you start laughing when you know it's coming.  Yesterday you randomly went up to James and just laid your head on him, giving him a hug.  I love that you boys love each other.

My favorite time with you is right before you go to sleep. All day long you are busy busy busy.  At night time after we read and turn off the lights you point to the chair and say, "rock rock". I love those last few minutes of the day with you when we rock in the chair and you snuggle up with me. It is one of the best feelings in the world! You are normally so tired that after a few minutes of cuddle time you point to the bed and say "night night" and down you go.

Harrison we all love you so much! Our family is so much more fun with you in it!!!

Just playing with cars (or beep beeps) with no clothes on

One of those VERY early mornings

Fun with Dot Dot paint

Why color on the paper when coloring on the white counter top is so much more fun?
Love from James

Trying to escape

We ditched the high chair! 

Had to capture the curls. He has a mullet and needs a hair cut. I just don't know if I can get rid of the curls!!!

Mmmmm ice cream

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