Thursday, December 25, 2014

Countdown to Christmas

The last few days before Christmas were spent doing lots of fun activities and spending time with people we love. We went to family get togethers for both sides of the family.  We were back and forth, kids were here and there. It was a busy time! 

Wilmington family Christmas 
There are no words to describe how obsessed H is with Georgia or Gigi as he calls her

James's salt dough ornaments. He was so proud to give them away
 The kids and I went to Greenville a little earlier than Ryan since he was working. I was excited to get to see Kathleen (after almost two years!) and her sweet girls. 
I finally got to meet Hazel. 

James thought he was hot stuff sleeping in his new sleeping bag 
H loves selfies 
 Two days before Christmas I got a little hair cut. 

James got to have a sleepover by himself with Nana and Pop which gave us some time with Harrison. 
Harrison was obsessed with this Santa or "Ho Ho"
And also this reindeer who he is feeding
Another generation learning to make bread 


We took this picture on Christmas Eve and Harrison insisted on having Santa and the banana in it. 
 On Christmas Eve we traveled to Mt. Olive to celebrate with Ryan's Granny and extended family.  
James and Nana made this cake to announce the gender for baby Fincannon
Funny face 
Sweet boy 

It's a boy! To quote James, "Mommy I TOLD you that is what it is."  
Singing some Christmas tunes 
The boy seriously loves his selfies! 

Uh oh- that is not your present to open! 
I think Harrison was about done at this point. 
In typical Holland children fashion Harrison cried the ENTIRE way home. Towards the end we finally turned up the music super loud and just started dancing and laughing out of misery. What else do you do, haha. Later that night he gave me the Christmas gift of hanging out with him from 12:30 to 2:30 at night. I guess he wanted to stay up and watch for Santa. I don't think I have slept through the night on Christmas Eve in the past five years. Oh well! Tis the season! 

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