Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas at Home

We decided to stretch Christmas out a little this year and it was great! I honestly don't know how we could have fit it all into one day, and I felt like we all enjoyed it so much more this way.  We decided to do our family Christmas the Saturday before the holiday. That Friday night Ryan started putting together the "big" gift- a kitchen set. I think he was not very pleased with me when he opened it up and saw all the pieces...

That's a lot of screws
Some people may think it's a little odd to get these boys a kitchen set but here was my thought process. 1.  I love for them to have toys that encourage imagination and pretend play.  2.  I wanted something that was safe for Harrison and that both could play with. 3.  One day their wives will be super thankful if these boys grow up to be men who can cook! 

So we got the delux kitchen along with a cookie making set, pizza party kit, and the pots and pans. We also got a new shopping cart because ours was destroyed in the move. The boys have LOVED playing with it! Hours of entertainment!

We opened presents bright and early that morning.

Every year Ryan and I get an ornament to represent the past year. I had someone paint a picture of our new house to represent our move. 
James had asked for a really big puzzle. I confess that I had a hard time putting this thing together with him!

Harrison's present to Mommy. 
James pretty much unwrapped the majority of Harrison's gifts

James picked this out for me for my present. :) 
Family photo with the self timer

We figured out the puzzle!
After we opened our presents I made a special breakfast and then we all watched the best present of all- the video that Ryan made! Every year he picks out some of his favorite pictures and makes a video for us. I love to see what he chooses. Oftentimes the pictures represent memories that only we understand. It is always my favorite gift! 

Every holiday is special but there was something really neat about being in our new house in our new town celebrating Christmas together. 

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