Monday, December 8, 2014

Breakfast With Santa

The charitable foundation for the hospital puts on a breakfast with Santa every year and we were told by multiple people we needed to go. I'm all about a good cause and the fact that we got a souvenir picture with Santa instead of having to wait at the mall made it sound like a great idea (as a side note we have gone to the mall multiple times this Christmas season and there has never been a line for Santa here).  

There were all sorts of fun activities for the kids. We started off by making ornaments. 

I just had to get a picture of his outfit. This age is so cute to me!
 Next we moved on to cookie decorating. 

Then it was time for a bead craft

James and his best buddy
Of course anything James does Harrison wants to do as well.
 They also had Mrs. Clause reading books, a place for the kids to shop for the members of their family, a Polar Express train ride, and of course breakfast. 

Remember how I said that this was a good opportunity to see Santa and not have to wait in a long line? Well the line was super long and Santa took his sweet time visiting with each child. We waited forever. 

Selfie while waiting. Harrison was blowing me kisses

Harrison was not a fan of Santa this year

I'm thinking it must be the age 
Flashback to James

And flashback to myself

James sure enjoyed it though
 After they took our picture they said it would be just a few minutes till it was printed. Well, we waited and waited. And waited. And waited some more. I was determined to get that picture. Apparently the printer was having some issues so finally we gave up and I didn't even get the picture of the boys with Santa!

This is what happens when you have waited too long

Captivated by the lights 
We pulled out of the parking lot and then there was this: 

We survived breakfast with Santa!
Breakfast with Santa was a lot of fun but it was also a tad bit on the stressful side. Pretty much any activity with our kids falls into that category.  Thankfully the plan was to take them to Greenville after and then we hit the road to go to Raleigh for a weekend of shopping and relaxing.

See ya later! 

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